Touchstone Essentials: 10 Years of Goodness


When Touchstone Essentials sprouted into being 10 years ago, I’d like to tell you it was all rainbows and unicorns, but like all worthy endeavors, the reality was filled with lots of work and hard-won victories.

We didn’t start out thinking of ourselves as rebels. But when you compare us to what’s in most store-bought, industrialized, synthetic supplements—having organic, toxic-free ingredients is a bit revolutionary.

Most startups don’t make it past their first year, and the majority fail to get past the five-year mark. That’s why it’s especially sweet to not only reach 10 years, but to celebrate it with so many people.

Over the years, people of all ages, activity levels, and athletes discovered how good it feels when you take out the bad and get the good inside. Each year our community has grown, and kept on growing. Today, we’re in homes on every continent and primed to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

As I look back, I want to share some of the guiding principles that have served us well in the past 10+ years as we’ve brought goodness around the world. These 10 principles of goodness will continue to steer us in the right direction in the years to come.

People First

We’re a people first organization. We believe that when you do the right thing, profits will follow, but sometimes we sacrifice profit so we can make sure that people always come first.

Protecting the Planet

We plan to leave the world a better place. Our bottles are made from earth-friendly amber glass, and everything is wrapped in recyclable and biodegradable materials. We always think green.

Giving Back

We support worthy causes that heal and strengthen communities. We’ve raised money and worked with World Central Kitchen to feed those in need at home and around the world.


Since our founding, our reason for being is to bring goodness to the lives of others. We have a servant leadership mindset in everything we do. We are built to last and think of the generations to come.


While our impact is big, our footprint is small. We’re a plastic-neutral company, enabling the removal of as much nature-bound plastic waste as we create, through projects with rePurpose Global.

Toxin-Free Living

When our bodies are weighed down by toxins, we feel their effects on our health, and they hold us back from living well. Through detoxification, people can reach the full measure of their potential.

Pure Nutrition

Our superfood supplements are a recipe for good health. Our farm to bottle approach means fruits and veggies harvested at the peak of ripeness and then quickly and gently processed without damaging heat or chemical solvents. It’s a freshness you can smell, taste, and feel.

Organic Matters

We source certified organic, supporting small farmers worldwide. The right crop, soil, and land management really does make a difference. Organic also means all-natural, and always non-GMO.


Our community lifts up and celebrates those who join us. Whether through partnering with our customers, affiliates, or visionary business owners (VBOs), we recognize that we are stronger together.


Our mission is to touch the lives of 5 million families with goodness. Because right now, the world needs more good in it. Because everyone deserves to live a life filled with health, happiness, and hope for the future.

What’s next? We believe the future lies in getting back to the way things were. Natural. Organic. Non-Toxic. Non-GMO. Not ultra-processed. And nothing artificial, ever. We provide all the good of nature, delivered right to your door.

Together, we have created something truly special. With 10 years of growth, and countless lives changed for the better, the best is yet to come.

Thanks for being on the journey with us. Here’s to the next 10 years.

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