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Hemp oil resulting in happy and healthy golden retriever dog

Dogs are like family. They bring joy into your life, comfort you in times of need, and even get on your nerves when they misbehave. And like any family member, you hate to see them suffer. Be it from declining physical health, behavioral problems, or anxiety.

Up until recently, there really wasn’t a way to provide natural relief for your dog without going broke on vet visits. But now that hemp is allowed to be sold in the United States, a new solution has arrived: full spectrum hemp oil.

Full spectrum hemp oil contains a wide range of powerful compounds including cannabidiol (CBD) and dozens of other cannabinoids. Thanks to these cannabinoids, numerous studies have shown that hemp oil has an incredible list of health benefits.

Most of hemp oil’s benefits come from its effect on a network of receptors in the body called the endocannabinoid system. This system isn’t exclusive to the human body. Animals have it too. This means many of the benefits will work for your furry friend too.

Here are 5 different ways you can use a CBD-rich hemp oil to enhance your dog’s life…

1. Hemp Oil May Provide Natural Pain Relief

The CBD in hemp oil is renowned for its pain relief properties. Researchers believe this is due to the interaction of cannabidiol with receptor sites in the brain and the immune system.

A comprehensive review of existing studies published in 2008 titled, Cannabinoids in the Management of Difficult to Treat Pain, found that the use of cannabinoids for pain relief showed great promise (1).

So, if you have an older pet who’s experiencing signs of discomfort, a CBD-rich hemp oil may be an effective means to relieve their pain so they suffer less and live a happier life.

2. Hemp Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Hemp oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. The cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD found in hemp oil can fight inflammation by modulating the immune response and protecting cells from oxidative damage (2).

So how can this benefit your dog beyond controlling pain? Almost every health issue out there involves elevated inflammation. Often, managing the inflammation helps reduce the symptoms.

For example, let’s say your dog has joint problems. Not only can hemp oil help with the pain, but it can also improve joint mobility by decreasing the inflammation that swells up the tissues around the joints (3).

This way your beloved dog can maintain or even improve mobility, making it easier to climb stairs or just generally get around.

3. Hemp Oil is a Stress & Anxiety Reliever

Do you have a dog that’s constantly on-edge, anxious, or stressed? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem with pets. Some dogs get stressed and anxious when you leave for work. Others get anxious or even aggressive when they meet new people.

Not sure if your dog may be stressed out? Here are some common signs of canine anxiety and stress to watch out for:

  • Aggressive or fearful towards people or other animals
  • Your dog prefers to be isolated from others
  • Excessive barking
  • Frequent digestive issues
  • Destructive behavior
  • Going to the bathroom in places they shouldn’t

If your dog has had any traumatic experiences in the past, these problems are often intensified. It’s stressful for both the pet and the owner.

Luckily, the CBD in hemp oil has been shown by several studies to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress (4). Which means it’s the perfect solution to help reduce stress for sensitive dogs.

4. Hemp Oil May Alleviate Nausea

If you’re a veteran dog owner, you know that they are prone to vomiting. More often than not, it’s in the places you want it the least. Like your new living room rug or favorite pair of running shoes.

While vomiting can mean that something more serious is wrong with your pet, it’s also something that naturally happens from time to time.

Whatever the reason, evidence suggests hemp oil can help. The cannabinoids in hemp oil are shown to reduce nausea and vomiting (5). This is particularly helpful if your pet is on any medication that causes them to feel sick.

5. Hemp Oil for Seizures in Dogs

Epileptic seizures are a common neurologic disorder in dogs (6). If you’ve ever had to deal with an epileptic dog, you know that it’s really tough on everyone. It’s scary, it takes a toll on the pet and dog owner, and you never know when a seizure will erupt.

Normally, epilepsy with dogs is exceptionally difficult to manage. But research suggests hemp oil may make a massive difference. Just how much of a difference?

One study found that taking cannabidiol (CBD) reduced the frequency of seizures by a whopping 41% (7). While this study was conducted in humans, dogs also have similar receptors in the endocannabinoid system, suggesting that hemp oil may provide relief for pets too.

How Much CBD-Rich Hemp Oil to Use for Your Dog

Hemp oil for pets typically comes with two components, a CBD-rich hemp extract and a carrier oil (such as hemp seed oil). The key is to look and see how much CBD is in the oil so you give your dog an effective amount.

Veterinarians who work with hemp oil generally recommend using it twice a day with 1mg of cannabinoid-rich hemp extract per every 10 lbs. weight for your pet.

So, a 40 lb. dog would have 4mg of CBD-rich hemp oil extract twice a day. It’s a good idea to start slow and work your way up to a higher dose if needed. And check in with your vet regarding using hemp oil for your dog.

Most hemp oil products are flavored for taste, but your dog may prefer a natural hemp flavor over peppermint or citrus, making it easier for you to give hemp oil to your dog.

Selecting the Right Hemp Oil for Your Pet

If you think a CBD-rich hemp oil is right for your dog, it’s important that you select a high-quality product. That’s because some hemp oil products out there are contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins.

Many of these products are also low in CBD or designed in such a way that your pet cannot absorb the beneficial compounds. You want to help your dog, not harm them.

So, when selecting a pet-formulated hemp oil, make sure it’s rich in CBD, lab tested for safety, organic, and processed using supercritical CO2 extraction. This will ensure it’s both safe and effective for your dog.

Most importantly for your dog, make sure you get a formula that is free of THC. The compound THC is naturally-occurring in hemp at low doses, but dogs don’t tolerate it well at any level. Thankfully, THC can be removed using advanced chromatography. Just check to make sure it’s THC free so that your dog can enjoy the benefits of hemp oil.

Hemp oil is a natural way to enhance your dog’s health. The cannabinoids in CBD-rich hemp oil can help your pet bounce back after activities, ease their joint discomfort so they regain mobility, and even calm and relieve stress. A large volume of evidence suggests hemp oil may just be the perfect way to bring improved health and happiness to your dog.