Rebels with a Cause


For decades our food industry has made a handsome profit from manufacturing processed junk food that makes people sick. And our agricultural system is loaded with perverse incentives to spray toxic chemicals, deplete the soil and damage the land.

When I founded Touchstone Essentials, my goal was to give people a real choice when it came to supplements; to be able to pick from the best organic, whole foods grown today. It’s a vision of organic goodness available to everyone. We’re thankful our clean, organic nutrition is loved by everyday people, experts and athletes alike.

You need a rebellious streak to go up against the ingrained establishment systems of Big Food and Big Ag. So yes, we’re proud rebels with a cause.

Fortunately, I think there’s a touch of rebel in all of us.

We see it in how consumers are speaking with their voices and their choices. Organic has grown into a $50 billion mega movement, with no end in sight. It’s the fastest-growing segment of food sales as more and more people choose foods that won’t poison them.

Even retail giants are getting in on the action. In 2017, Amazon bought Whole Foods, recognizing that organic and natural foods are the future.

Change is happening. For the good.

But much work still needs to be done.

While the demand for organic has never been stronger, our food system is still under attack. Regulations designed to safeguard our food, water, and air quality are being removed or rolled back at an alarming rate.

Much of the food products on store shelves still have ultra-processed ingredients, pesticides and GMOs. Toxins are lurking throughout every aspect of our lives.

Too many people are taking junk supplements filled with those same processed chemicals that do their body more harm than good. Millions are unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals and feeling their sickening effects. It’s on this issue that we can do the most good.

An estimated 65 percent of people take nutritional supplements. Most take the wrong kind, filled with chemical isolates and toxic additives. People are feeling sick and tired, and what they’re taking isn’t working.

At Touchstone Essentials, we cultivate truly healthy supplements to market, filled with the goodness of organic fruits, veggies and herbs. Superfood supplements to make you wake up with a smile and get through your day with more energy and better health.

We’ll continue to invest in e-commerce to spotlight the goodness of our pure organic supplements to an even bigger and broader audience. We’re expanding the ways people can participate with us, and the markets where we ship, making our clean, natural supplements even more accessible.

In short, we want to do more, achieve more, BE more.

We not only want to do good, we want to do what is right. For us, green isn’t simply a color in our logo. It’s a mark of our commitment to organic farming, sustainable packaging, and planet-friendly practices.

I want to offer a heartfelt thanks to the customers and visionaries who are on this journey with us. Our vision is to touch the lives of five million families with goodness. Let’s do it together.

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