A Champion Fueled by The Good Inside


Stand up paddleboarder Seychelle Webster doesn’t walk on water; she practically flies across it. She’s reigned as the female “Fastest Paddler on Earth” and has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the popular sport. From South Florida to the South Pacific, Seychelle’s athleticism, strength and speed is on full display.

So, what makes this champion and world record holder top the podium time and again? Exceptional physical ability of course. A deep well of determination, discipline and grit has also been instrumental to her success.

Not to mention a philosophy of approaching everything she does with her motto of “breathe and smile.”

But for every athlete to reach the peak of their potential, the right fuel is essential. For Seychelle, that’s a mix of organic superfood nutrition to get her through her rigorous training and recovery.

We checked in with this world-class athlete to see how she can push herself to her peak, and reach dazzling new heights in the paddling world.

What does life as a professional SUP athlete look like?

As a professional athlete, I put my body through a lot of physical and emotional stress. I travel 8 months out of the year, I train twice a day, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and compete at the highest level of my sport.

I need to be able to bounce back quickly between training sessions, stay healthy as I travel, and keep a level head when the pressure is on. Refueling, repairing, and restoring my body naturally is a priority for me.

What role does recovery play in your training?

Recovery is arguably the most essential part of the puzzle. Fueling your body properly between training sessions replenishes lost energy stores.

We need a good mix of healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and plenty of water to ensure our system can perform all of its energy making functions properly.

I am so grateful to have found natural, organic supplements and hemp oil that help me every step of the way and keep me feeling good inside.

How do you manage recovery after a training session?

My go-to post-workout smoothie includes Organic Super Protein and Super Green Juice, as well as banana, berries, and avocado. This way I ensure I get all the macro and micro nutrients that I need to recover after a hard session.

Another important part of recovery is managing the temporary inflammation that follows training. I take a daily serving of Wellspring for healthy ligaments and joints, or a double dose if I am dealing with an injury.

To relax strained or overused muscles, I turn to the Soothe hemp balm and apply it directly wherever I need extra care.

Along with superfood nutrition, what else is essential for recovery?

The next step is to rest. Reducing stress and increasing deep sleep time can aid immensely in recovery.

Our bodies do most of the work repairing and restoring damaged muscle tissues when we are in a relaxed state and particularly as we sleep.

For this I use Calm Premium Hemp Oil. I noticed a difference in my sleep quality immediately when I started using it. In addition to restful sleep, broad spectrum hemp oil is also known to generally support exercise recovery.

How do you manage the stress of competition?

Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system. Whether it’s physical stress from training, mental stress from travel, or emotional stress from competition.

It’s important to set goals and work hard, but also to have fun!

My daily dose of Essentials, as well as Super Green Juice and Organic Super Protein come to my rescue here as well. The superfood nutrients help to keep my immune system resilient against the effects of stress.

Even with countess plane rides and high-stress competitions, I have only gotten slightly ill once and didn’t need to take anything for it. Organic superfoods keep me feeling good no matter what and that is a huge WIN in my books.

After using Touchstone Essentials products personally, paddle phenom Seychelle is a passionate advocate for the goodness of organic superfoods. You can learn more about Seychelle on her website at seychellesup.com and follow her training, races, results and adventures on Instagram.

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