Belen’s Green Protein Pancakes


These delicious and super healthy pancakes come to us from LPGA golfer Belen Mozo. As a professional athlete, Belen looks for each bite to be both flavorful and packed with good nutrition. Try her recipe for green protein pancakes to fuel your athletic aspirations.

When she’s not teeing up for the LPGA or Ladies European Tour, Belen has a passion for clean eating, healthy living, and travel adventures.

Belen advocates for Touchstone Essentials’ Super Green Juice and Organic Super Protein, because she counts good nutrition as a critical component in training and recovery. Now she’s combining these superfoods into one of her favorite meals – pancakes!

“I love making these protein pancakes when I am at home with 20 minutes to spare for breakfast. It is a healthy recipe, very easy to make and super-efficient in term of nutritional values that you guys will benefit from,” shared Belen.

Watch Belen Mozo make pancakes in this how-to video and get the full recipe below…

Belen’s Green Protein Pancakes

2 organic eggs
1 organic banana
1 tbsp. organic chia seed
1 tbsp. organic flax seed
1 scoop of Organic Super Protein
1 scoop of Super Green Juice
Organic strawberries (to garnish)


In a blender, mix all ingredients (except strawberries) together to create a healthy batter. Warm some organic coconut oil in a pan and cook each pancake at medium heat (turning once).

Garnish pancakes with sliced organic strawberries. For added sweetness, drizzle some organic raw honey on the side. Enjoy!

A Stack of Goodness

These tasty pancakes satisfy cravings with a boost of protein, energizing MCTs and organic superfoods. Whether you are a full-time athlete or just occasionally active, these delicious pancakes deliver superfood nutrition you need for energy and recovery. Try a batch for a power-packed breakfast to fuel your day.

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