8 Benefits of a Direct Sales Business


Today’s direct sales is probably not what you think. Innovative technology, the growing gig economy, and direct-to-consumer shipping have transformed direct sales into a modern, thriving business model that works for everyone.

It’s all backed up by solid numbers. In 2020, US sales in this sector topped a record 40.1 billion (with a b) dollars. And while direct sales encompasses a diverse range of products, hands down the number one category is wellness, representing 37% of all purchases.

The ease of entry and do-it-when-you-want-to flexibility have resulted in people flocking to direct sales. As of 2020, there were 7.7 million people involved in direct sales in the United States, and millions more globally. Of those, 88% do it part-time so their side hustle works around their schedule.

See 8 big benefits of having a direct sales business…

Be your own boss, low start up costs, flexibility, like-minded workers, part-time or full-time, personal development, investment, tax benefits

Direct sales combines the most effective form of advertising—word of mouth—with a turnkey system so that anyone can have a successful business. Discover if it’s right for you.

Data Source: DSA 2020 Industry Overview

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