Clean Food Meets Career Opportunity


The clean food movement is sweeping across the globe as more people demand healthy choices. Here are five reasons why this phenomenon can make for a great career opportunity.

1. Perfect Timing, Naturally

Major companies are finally listening to the roar of consumer’s demands for recognizable ingredients (real food!) and the desire for fewer toxic additives.

Big food companies and restaurant chains such as Campbell Soup, Kraft, Panera Bread and Chipotle, have all announced they will come “clean” and remove artificial ingredients.

The explosion of interest in fresh foods spans all ages from young Millennials to retiring Boomers. This awareness is now extending into a demand for organic, clean nutritional supplements.

Few companies currently occupy this space. That makes those who DO offer organic whole food supplements poised for significant growth.

Check out the portfolio (see it here) of proprietary organic supplements from Touchstone Essentials. You’ll see how it’s already positioned to capitalize on this trend.

2. A Big Customer Base

Consumers are actively seeking out natural health solutions. One recent report sets the 2017 market forecast for global herbal supplements at $107 billion. That’s a lot of people!

Organic is the fastest growing sector of the US food industry, seeing double digit growth year after year. According to surveys by the Organic Trade Association, this trend is set to continue:

  • Organic sales for 2020 topped $60 billion in the US alone
  • America’s 75 million Millennials are the biggest buyers of organic
  • Over half of households buy organic produce
  • A record 15% of all fruit & veggie sales are now organic

The demand for organic now extends to nutritional supplements. With Touchstone Essentials’ organic line of nutritionals, the future of supplements is already here.

3. An Entrepreneurial Business Model

Airbnb, Uber and others have recently put the person-to-person business exchange into the spotlight. But they’re newcomers to what direct sellers have always known: there is power in entrepreneurship.

As the desire for flexible schedules and greater income grows, the number of entrepreneurs will also increase. Yet while Airbnb and Uber may offer the opportunity to generate extra money, you are limited by the number of rooms to rent or the amount of hours to drive.

Only the direct selling model is scalable in size through building a team. This offers more advancement for anyone who wants to put in the necessary time and effort. This can provide a part-time or career level income.

See more on how this entrepreneurial business model works >>> click here

4. An Authentic Community

In today’s marketplace, people are no longer passive consumers of products and brands. People want their chosen brands to stand for something important.

Consumers are active stakeholders with a right to insist upon honesty, transparency and trustworthiness.

At Touchstone Essentials, your values are valued. If you’re passionate about healthy living, organic foods, clean ingredients, and living to your full potential, then you’ve come to the right place.

5. Outstanding Business Support

Starting a business can be intimidating. But with direct selling you can start a turnkey business with the entire business infrastructure already in place.

However, the level of support across direct selling companies can vary widely. Look for each of these elements to be in place to ensure the best environment for success:

  • Internet storefront (lead protected to your store)
  • E-commerce innovation (digital gift cards, apps and other resources)
  • Virtual office (back office reports and tracking)
  • Training and support (product data sheets, videos and virtual events)

The best direct selling companies don’t charge for these services. Instead they recognize the valuable relationship that exists between the company and affiliate partners.

See a sampling of Touchstone Essentials’ support >>> click here

With all five pieces in place, making a career rooted in clean, healthy foods—part-time or full-time—is a real possibility. Touchstone Essentials believes everyone deserves the good inside. Join now to partner with us and reach your full potential.

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