Fast Facts About Blood Sugar


It might come as a surprise to learn that high blood sugar isn’t just an issue that affects people with diabetes. As many as 88 percent of people struggle to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, often characterized by a rapid spike in glucose levels after a meal, followed by a rapid crash.

How does high blood sugar impact your body?

Most people are unaware of the symptoms of a spike in their blood sugar or glucose levels, believing the fatigue, hunger, cravings, and weight gain they experience as being the usual effects of stress or aging (they’re not).

Ignoring high blood sugar levels, even temporary spikes after a meal, comes with a cost to your health: blood sugar spikes create oxidative stress on the body and over time, can lead to the development of insulin resistance, with long-term risks for heart health.

A free guide to understanding blood sugar

The Fast Facts about Blood Sugar guide below provides a helpful resource to support healthy blood sugar levels (you can also download a PDF here).

In the free guide you’ll learn about the signs of unhealthy blood sugar spikes, natural ways to support healthy blood sugar, and which supplement can help support balanced glucose levels in the body.

Infographic on blood sugar facts

Infographic on natural ways to support healthy blood sugar

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