FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!
FREE Shipping on subscription orders of $99 or More!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Some questions seem to pop up again and again. We’ve put together answers for some of the most commonly asked puzzlers. If you don’t see yours here, you can always contact us and we’ll get right on it.

How much does it cost to ship? Who is the carrier? And how long does it take?

Great questions. Of course, shipping depends on a variety of factors including what you order and where it’s going. Not to mention that COVID-19 impacts some transit times more than others. That said, we aim to ship free as much as we can, with low fees when free shipping is not possible. For general information and expectations for our most popular markets, check out our Shipping Chart. (Click Here to View)

Are all Touchstone Essentials’ products organic?

We love organic! We seek out certified organic ingredients wherever possible and pick them first. Several of our products feature ONLY organic fruits and veggies. Still, some ingredients are not eligible for organic certification simply because of how they are classified (we’re looking at you enzymes, minerals and probiotics). Every certified organic ingredient is identified as “organic” in the Supplement Facts panel of each product. Some ingredients may not be listed as organic but still follow organic practices while they await certification, which is a time consuming and elaborate process for farmers. We also pay special attention to “other ingredients” using only clean, plant-based sources (if needed), and never any nasty additives.

Are products lab tested?

Yes! All ingredients undergo stringent quality assurance testing before they ever get close to the bottle. This protocol includes testing to verify they are very low in any heavy metals. Our zeolite products undergo a proprietary cleansing process to remove any existing pollutants and the finished product is tested at an independent laboratory to verify its purity. Zeolite test results are available for viewing on the product page.

Are all formulas exclusive to Touchstone Essentials?

Yes. With science as our guide and nature as our pantry, we carefully craft proprietary formulas you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one superstar or something for a specific need, our exclusive blends deliver.

When do orders ship?

Orders placed by 11 a.m. Eastern Time typically ship the same business day for the US and Canada. Our UK distribution center ships within Europe and orders received by 1 p.m. UK time are typically shipped the same day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Your purchase will show on your statement as Touchstone Essentials.

Does Touchstone Essentials ship internationally?

Our wholesome health products ship around the world including the US, Canada, Europe and the UK. A full list of countries is found in the shipping selection on any store page.

How long do VBO savings last?

When you sign up as a Visionary Business Owner (VBO), you lock in savings of 20% or more off regular prices for a whole year worth of savings. The annual VBO fee is $19.95 or £14.95 in the UK. Your VBO account automatically renews and can be cancelled at any time.

How do I update or change my personal information, or make a data request?

While based in the United States, Touchstone Essentials is a global company and is in full compliance with the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regarding privacy and data protection in the EU. You can update your personal information by logging in to your account or by contacting our Support Team at To make any request regarding your personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at You can also view our complete privacy policy here.

How do I track an order?

To see the status of any order, first login to your account, then click on the Shop tab, then select Order History. Soon after an order ships, a tracking number is updated and is a clickable link in order history.

What is an AutoShip subscription?

AutoShip gives you the option to sign up for a monthly recurring shipment of the products of your choice so you never forget to reorder. In addition to not running out of your favorite products, AutoShip subscription orders are eligible for free shipping. The minimum purchase for free shipping is $99 in the US, $149USD in Canada, and £49 in the UK.

How do I cancel or change an AutoShip subscription?

Your AutoShip subscription is completely optional and may be changed or cancelled at any time. For any change or cancellation to take effect before the next scheduled shipment, login to your account and make the revision two business days before its scheduled date.

Can I cancel or change an order?

Orders are quickly packed for shipment, so changes and cancellations cannot be made once an order is placed. AutoShip subscription orders are processed overnight and so cannot be revised.

What are the Policies and Procedures for VBOs and Affiliates?

When you collaborate with us as a Visionary Business Owner (VBO) or Affiliate, your account is governed by a set of rules to protect your business, and the rights of Customers. For VBOs, these are outlined in the Policies and Procedures (P&P) that you agree to when you join. You can view the P&P here. For Affiliates, these are outlined in the Terms and Conditions (T&C) you agree to when you join. You can view the T&C here.

What is Touchstone Essentials’ money back guarantee?

We back our high quality products with a 30-day unconditional empty-bottle money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact our Support Team for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions. Refunds are issued back to the original payment method for product purchased from Touchstone Essentials, less any shipping and handling.