What to Know About Fulvic Acid


While fulvic acid has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits, it’s only recently emerged as a nutritional supplement, and that has more people wondering what fulvic acid is and how it works.

Simply put, fulvic acid is a compound formed by the breakdown of nutrient-rich plant matter, and contains dozens of trace minerals and compounds essential for optimal health, boosting the whole body by supporting gut health, energy, immune function and more.

While small amounts of fulvic acid are reabsorbed by root vegetables from the soil as they grow, unfortunately, due to soil depletion and conventional farming, most foods are lacking in fulvic acid. This compound cannot be made in a lab and has to be extracted from a naturally-occurring source so it’s usually missing from multivitamins.

This printable guide provides an overview of the common sources of fulvic acid. You’ll learn about the health benefits of fulvic acid, how fulvic acid works in the body, and why most people don’t get enough fulvic acid in their food. And you’ll see what to look for in a fulvic supplement so you can get the full nutritional benefits of this natural compound.

Fulvic Acid Benefits and Sourcing Explained

How Fulvic Acid Works

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