How Nick Troutman Lives a Life of Adventure


From navigating the epic flows of the Zambezi river, to hurtling through famed North American rapids, world champion kayaker Nick Troutman is living a life of adventure. Whether it’s a full-scale expedition or family-friendly camping trip, this accomplished athlete has an explorer spirit.

Recently, we caught up with the 5-time national champion freestyle kayaker to learn what drives his success and get tips on how we can all embrace more adventure in our lives.

Be Willing to Try New Things

Aside from his world champion, national and Mountain Games titles, Nick is famous for awe-inspiring kayak dives over thunderous waterfalls.

But that’s not all he does.

In addition to freestyle kayaking, Nick has competed and taken medals in SUP-X (stand up paddleboard), Boater-X and Slalom at games around the country.

It’s no surprise since Nick has been active in sports from a young age.

“Growing up, I did everything from hockey, to skateboarding and skiing. Trying a wide range of sports led to great friendships and the discovery of my passion for kayaking,” Nick shared.

While sticking to a routine is good to cultivate discipline, research also shows big benefits for trying new things. That’s because our brains are wired to be happy when learning (1).

Commit to Your Passion and Purpose

Whether you are competing at an elite level, or are an avid weekend warrior, pursuing your passion takes commitment.

For Nick, that means paddling throughout the year, and traveling to games, events and competitions 6 to 10 months out of the year.

There is one challenge everyone has to overcome when traveling. Nick explains how he gets it right. “When you’re on the road, it is hard to eat healthy, even for me. So, I bring my favorite green smoothie powder everywhere I go. I mix Super Green Juice on its own or add it to smoothie recipes. It gives me a much-needed veggie boost.”

Fuel Your Body for Adventure

At the world class level, the competition is fierce and athletes constantly seek ways to stay at peak performance and gain a competitive edge.

Nick points to the importance of nutrition in maintaining race form and injury prevention. “I’ve found that getting enough high-quality plant protein helps with muscle strength and recovery, so that I’m less sore after a tough workout.”

A demand for organic ingredients led Nick to discover Touchstone Essentials. “I love the Organic Super Protein, it has a great flavor and is gluten and dairy free which is big for me. Once I tried the products I knew it was a brand I would want to work with.”

Nick Troutman on Adventuring

And even top athletes need an energy boost. “Two of my favorite products are the Boost Focus Fuel and the Green Energy, which not only helps with energy but has proteolytic enzymes that supports recovery,” shares Nick.

Whether you need to recover from a tough workday or an exhilarating outdoor workout, make sure to fuel your adventures with quality nutrition.

Live a Little on the Wild Side

Nick is a self-described addict of adventure of the great outdoors, but he’s also an ardent protector of wilderness, supporting organizations that preserve wild spaces.

“For me, success is getting away and immersing in the outdoors. While I love paddling on big waves, enjoying nature can be as simple as going for a hike, or just being outside in the sunshine,” said Nick.

And nature doesn’t just make you feel good, research shows it IS good for you. Getting in the outdoors has a restorative effect for the body and brain, boosting health and happiness (2).

For Nick, the wild is not just a way to achieve world class performance but a way of staying centered. His advice? “Go exploring! Even if you start small, getting outdoors is something that everyone can do, whether alone or with good friends.” Sounds like a recipe for adventure.

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