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CBD Oil Explained
CBD has been rising in popularity as more people discover the potential of this natural plant extract. But you might be wondering… What exactly is it? What does it do? And will it work for me? Watch this short video to find out.
How Toxins Cripple Your Immune System
Evidence suggests that toxins in air pollution can weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to getting sick. Worryingly, almost 1 in 2 Americans are exposed to unhealthy air.
Berry Good Immunity Smoothie
Power up your immune system with this mouthwatering berry-licious smoothie. In just minutes you’ll feel rehydrated and reenergized with essential superfoods that support natural immunity.
8 Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy
Despite how important the lungs are, it’s easy to take them for granted, until a respiratory illness puts them at risk. Here's how to support your lungs for a healthy life.
The Potential Dangers of 5G
What exactly is 5G and what kind of profound effects could it have on your body? And should you be worried about this next generation of wireless technology?
7 Ways to Stay Safe from Coronavirus
To date, more than 5 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed worldwide, with over 340,000 deaths, and many more[...]
Vegan Chocolate Protein Pancakes
Put a little love in your heart with these healthy chocolate pancakes. Each delicious bite is filled with energizing organic[...]
5 Ways CBD Oil Can Help You Lose Weight
Hemp or CBD Oil is increasingly popular thanks to a long list of health benefits. Research suggests that CBD Oil may also tip the scales in your favor when it comes to weight loss.
Researchers Discover It’s Raining Plastic
While invisible to the naked eye, microplastics are ever present in our everyday environment. Research shows microplastics are found in our food and water, and even in the rain.
10 Foods that Can Make You Feel Bloated
These 10 common foods can disrupt your digestive system and cause bloating and gas, due to food intolerances. By reducing these gas-inducing foods, you may find welcome digestive relief.
How a High School Teacher Became a Top Athlete
Once high school science teacher Alan Goodison grades papers and puts lesson plans away, he transforms from a teacher to a top athlete. It’s a path that has led from the classroom to the world championship of his chosen sport, coastal rowing.
10 “Healthy” Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat
Companies in the food industry are experts of deception. They slap clever wording on their labels like “low fat,” “natural,”[...]
Nature’s 7 Best Remedies for Blood Sugar Control
Comfort foods come with a cost, causing blood sugar levels to spike. Consistently high blood sugar can result in serious health issues. Thankfully, nature has natural remedies that can help.
10 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably
There’s no denying that the environment is in crisis, from the oceans to the air. Here are 10 simple ways you can live more sustainably and make the world a better place.
Obesogens: How Toxins Can Make You Fat
Obesogen toxins tip the scales against you by slowing your metabolism, making you feel hungrier, and increasing the production of fat cells, adding to weight gain.
7 Simple Tricks to Kick Your Sugar Habit
Excess sugar is incredibly damaging to your health. And most people consume far too much averaging 77 grams of added sugar per day. These simple strategies will help you curb your sugar intake for good.
CBD Oil’s Stunning Impact on Your Brain
Research suggests that CBD Oil (cannabidiol) has incredible potential for enhancing the function of your brain due to the fact that it can cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system.
Prevention IS the Cure
While October is officially breast cancer awareness month, breast health is something that needs year-round attention. Although most people focus[...]
13 of the Most Common GMO Foods
While Big Food says GMOs are safe, there’s a growing body of research that raises serious concerns. Given the risks, it’s a good idea to steer clear of GMOs. That’s easier said than done. So, we’ve put together a list of common GMO foods to avoid.
7 Powerful Habits to Own the Day
One of the biggest myths of today’s age is that people experience overnight success. With few exceptions, success is the product of incremental effort. Here are 7 habits to make it happen.
Watermelon Lime CBD Spritzer
Take the heat out of summer with a delightful seasonal refresher. This cooling spritzer is filled with hydrating watermelon, fresh lime for citrus zing, and finishes with minty notes of CBD oil.
5 Big Health Benefits of Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes play a vital role in converting food into energy. But over time, your body makes less enzymes, leading to digestive discomfort. Here are 5 ways digestive enzymes benefit your health.
How CBD Oil Can Boost Heart Health
If you want to live a long, healthy life then taking care of your heart should be a top priority.[...]
How Food Labels Trick You into Buying Unhealthy Food
While originally intended to provide clear nutritional facts, food labels have devolved into a confusing and dangerously deceptive source of[...]
5 Causes of Brain Fog and How to Beat It
Do you often forget where you place your keys or phone? Struggle to find solutions to complex tasks? Miss deadlines?[...]
A Champion Fueled by The Good Inside
Stand up paddleboarder Seychelle Webster doesn’t walk on water; she practically flies across it. So, what makes this champion and world record holder top the podium time and again?
Everything You Want to Know About CBD Oil
CBD Oil is rapidly growing in popularity for its ability to support health and well-being. But if you’re interested in trying this trending elixir, the choices can be confusing. This handy guide is here to help.
Author Karen Thomas Talks Autism
Like most mothers concerned with their child’s well-being, Karen Thomas wanted her son to be happy and healthy. Getting there wasn’t easy. At the age of 10, her son was diagnosed with autism.
7 Ways Heavy Metals Damage Your Brain
Because we come in contact with heavy metals every day in food, water, and air, the effects on our brain can be seen in everything from mood to memory.
Blueberries Help Lower Blood Pressure
High blood pressure affects up to 4 in every 10 adults. Research now shows that blueberries could be an easy, natural, and effective way to help maintain healthy blood pressure.
9 Super Greens You Should Eat Every Day
To make the most out of meals, try some of the world’s healthiest green vegetables. They’re filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for good health.
CBD Oil: Nature’s Anti-Aging Secret Weapon
While aging is an inevitable fact of life, we can influence how we age. The key is knowing which anti-aging tricks work the best. CBD Oil may be able to help.
5 Food Additives that Destroy Your Gut
Toxic or chemical food additives can disrupt gut function, leading to a host of digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and even weight gain. Here are 5 food additives to avoid.
Heavy Metals Exposure and Heart Disease
Heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, and lead are well-known to be extremely toxic to your body. Now research shows heavy metal exposure could significantly increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD).
The Endocannabinoid System Explained
The endocannabinoid system is a vast network that runs throughout the body, so it has a big impact on how everything works. That’s why cannabinoids such as CBD make such a difference on physical and mental well-being.
Top 7 Herbs for a Healthy Immune System
Your immune system is the keystone to optimal health. When it’s working like a well-oiled machine, your immune system protects[...]
How to Cleanse Heavy Metals from the Body
Cleansing heavy metals from your body on a regular basis is essential for maintaining optimal health. Without cleanses, heavy metals systematically poison your body. Here are 3 simple steps to a deep detox.
7 Essential Health Benefits of Potassium
As many as 98% of people don’t get enough potassium. That’s why so many people see big improvements when they eat more potassium-rich foods.
10 Effective Ways to Support Liver Health
Your liver is essential for detoxification. Practically everything you eat, drink, and breathe gets processed through your liver. Here’s how to give your liver the support it needs to protect you from today’s toxin infested world.
7 Household Items with Toxic Heavy Metals
Your home is not the place you expect to find heavy metals. And yet, many common household items are contaminated with harmful toxins. Here’s where they may be hiding in your home.
How Long Does CBD Take to Work?
CBD oil or cannabidiol from hemp is one of nature’s most beneficial compounds to ease joint discomfort, calm stress, and improve sleep. But how long does it take for CBD oil to work?
8 Nutrients Essential for a Healthy Heart
Your heart works around the clock, beating an average of 115,000 times a day. Not surprisingly, it needs the right nutrients to stay healthy. See which nutrients are essential to protect the heart.
7 Superfoods that Support Healthy Joints
Whether you’re experiencing joint discomfort from wear and tear, an old injury or strenuous exercise, these superfoods have beneficial compounds that can help restore and protect the health of your joints.
Exposing the Real Dangers of Weed Killers
The weed killer glyphosate—infamously known as Roundup—can be found everywhere: lawns, gardens, parks, soil, rivers and even in the rain[...]
How Caffeine Can Boost Your Workout
Exercise has a long list of health benefits, and everyone wants to get the most out of their workout routine.[...]
Chocolate Glazed CBD Macaroons
These delectable morsels of chocolate glazed coconut deliver a delightful flavor with a calming healthy twist. Each bite-sized treat comes[...]
7 Effective Ways to Beat Holiday Stress
There are plenty of things to love about the holiday season. But the holiday season isn’t all cupcakes and unicorns[...]
How CBD Oil Can Ease Stress and Improve Sleep
Do you ever feel overwhelmed and overworked? Do you dread the sound of the alarm in the morning? With the[...]
Strawberry Mojito CBD Mocktail
Revive your senses and instill a sense of calm and relaxation with this CBD mocktail inspired by the classic mojito.[...]
7 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds
When you’re in the mood to snack, something salty or crunchy often comes to mind. The only challenge with these[...]
5 Tips for Living Life Filled with Purpose
Everyone wants to live a purposeful life. One that doesn’t feel like you’re lost at sea, drifting aimlessly. Having a[...]
Eating Organic Cuts Cancer Risk by up to 25%
Everyone knows that organic is the healthier choice. Now, new evidence sheds even more light on just how important it[...]
Top 12 Antioxidant Herbs for Better Health
Antioxidants are disease-fighting gladiators that work around the clock to protect your health. More specifically, they protect your body from[...]
5 Disturbing Dangers of Wildfire Smoke
Wildfires are becoming an increasingly common problem. With a greater number of extended droughts, wildfires have become more frequent and[...]
5 Ways Hemp Oil Can Improve Your Dog’s Health
Dogs are like family. They bring joy into your life, comfort you in times of need, and even get on[...]
The Most Important Vitamin for Breast Cancer Prevention
Breast cancer is a merciless disease that knows no bounds. It afflicts mothers, daughters, sisters, and best friends. In fact,[...]
CBD Oil: Nature’s Answer for Inflammation
If you want to feel your absolute best and live a healthy life, managing inflammation is essential. Why? According to[...]
Belen’s Green Protein Pancakes
These delicious and super healthy pancakes come to us from LPGA golfer Belen Mozo. As a professional athlete, Belen looks[...]
7 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived
With today’s fast-paced and demanding lifestyle, getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep can be a real challenge. And even[...]
5 Reasons Why Liquid Zeolite is Better
Take a deep breath, quench your thirst with a cold drink, or eat almost any food, and you’ve likely ingested[...]
Everything You Need to Know about Choosing CBD Oil
Over the past few years, CBD oil has become an increasingly popular supplement as more people have discovered its remarkable[...]
7 Telltale Signs of an Unhealthy Gut
A healthy gut can be the difference between being overweight and having the flat tummy of your dreams, but it[...]
7 Health Benefits of CBD Oil
While the cannabis plant has been used for millennia for its healing and medicinal qualities, broad spectrum CBD oil has[...]
Are Artificial Sweeteners Making You Gain Weight?
Everyone knows that refined sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) is horrible for your health. It can lead to rapid[...]
Time to Unplug and Recharge Your Life
While technology has its perks, it also can cause considerable harm to your sleep, stress and motivation levels if you’re[...]
5 Remarkable Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes
Enzymes are the unsung heroes of your health. They work around the clock and play a critical role in speeding[...]
5 Steps to a Lean, Toned Tummy
A lean, toned tummy is something everyone wants. Especially when summer heats up and swimsuit season is happening. But the[...]
Banana Nut Protein Muffins
If the thought of moist banana bread makes your mouth water, then you’re in for a treat with these delicious[...]
5 Toxic Cleaners to Throw Out
When you clean your house, have you ever stopped to consider what’s in those cleaning products? Maybe it’s time you[...]
How Nick Troutman Lives a Life of Adventure
From navigating the epic flows of the Zambezi river, to hurtling through famed North American rapids, world champion kayaker Nick[...]
9 Powerful Superfoods to Fight Inflammation
While short-term inflammation can be helpful to trigger the immune system, chronic inflammation is like a slow burning fire that[...]
5 Ways Berries Boost Heart Health
Berries are the bright and flavorful superstars of the fruit world. They are an incredibly rich source of antioxidants, polyphenols,[...]
7 Signs You Are Magnesium Deficient
Magnesium deficiencies are incredibly common. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 75% of people are deficient in magnesium (1).[...]
3 Steps to Soothe Seasonal Allergies
Spring is a beautiful time of year; you can finally get back outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Unless you[...]
No Bake Vegan Carrot Cake
If you’re trying to eat healthy foods, cake is not usually on the list. But with this tasty vegan carrot[...]
The Power of Persistence
In 2004 I found myself in the midst of an ugly divorce. It was bad. My husband handled our family’s[...]
6 Whole Grains High in Protein
Everyone needs protein in their diet. It’s an essential nutrient your body needs for everything from building lean muscle to[...]
7 Surprising Benefits of Lemons
Adding a slice of lemon to water enhances its flavor, while lemon zest elevates almost any recipe. But there’s much[...]
Matcha Vanilla Protein Smoothie
Slightly sweet with notes of Matcha green tea and aromatic vanilla bean, this fast and flavorful smoothie comes with 18g[...]
6 Years Young and Growing Strong
For decades our food industry has made a handsome profit from manufacturing processed junk food that makes people sick. And[...]
7 Reasons Why You Should Drink a Green Juice Every Day
Green juices are the rock stars of the health world. They condense several servings of fruit, vegetables, and other superfoods[...]
Productivity Tips to Unleash Your Potential
Learning how to maximize your productivity is a critical life skill. It determines how well you perform your job. It[...]
5 Nutrients that Build Strong Bones
Everyone knows it’s important to keep your bones healthy. But you don’t have to turn to dairy products such as[...]
How I Survived A Massive Heart Attack
The first sign of trouble began at 4:30am. On January 23, 2018 I woke to a feeling of intense pressure[...]
7 Steps to a Healthy Heart
More than a symbol of love, your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body. It beats an estimated[...]
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
Looking for a healthy version of your favorite treats? This delicious vegan protein shake delivers flavors you’ll love. Savor melt-in-your-mouth[...]
How a Growth Mindset Can Change Your Life
Picture your ideal self a year from now. Whatever your current goals are, you accomplished them. Be it a new[...]
What Air Pollution Does to Your Body
Air pollution isn’t just a concern of the distant future or far away lands. It’s a problem that affects everyone[...]
Refreshing Antioxidant Smoothie
Power up your day with this flavorful, refreshing smoothie. It’s packed full of plant-based antioxidants that rehydrate your body fast.[...]
6 Business Must-Haves for Online Success
Back in the early days of the internet, you didn’t need an effective digital marketing strategy. The internet was still[...]
9 of the Best Fat-Burning Superfoods
Everyone wants the body of their dreams. Chiseled abs. A lean, sculpted body. Of course, achieving your dream body involves[...]
5 Ways to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life
You know you’re supposed to get enough quality sleep. But how often does that realistically happen? Maybe you have trouble[...]
9 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter
Winter. It’s the time of year that puts your immune system through the ultimate test of strength. You’re constantly exposed[...]
Flourless Lemon Berry Muffins
Looking for a satisfying and healthy treat? These delicious lemon berry muffins hit the sweet spot. They calm cravings and[...]
5 Steps to Fix Acid Reflux Naturally
If you’re struggling with the discomfort and pain of acid reflux, you’re not alone. An estimated 20 percent of adults[...]
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Jar
Pumpkin pie is a fall favorite. Now you can savor it year-round with this tasty take on a smoothie bowl.[...]
5 Tips to Beat Belly Bloat
A bloated belly is something we all dread. It seems to come out of nowhere at the worst possible times,[...]
7 Health Benefits of Cilantro
Cilantro is a popular herb due to its fresh and bright taste. But cilantro is so much more than a[...]
Double Chocolate Hazelnut Treat
Having a treat doesn’t have to mean it’s bad for you. Our mouthwatering double chocolate hazelnut dessert is filled with[...]
Best Foods for Detox
Detoxifying the body is essential if you want to live a long and healthy life. For that reason, it has[...]
Increase Endurance and Fight Fatigue with Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb that’s been used over thousands of years to enhance health. In traditional Chinese Medicine,[...]
7 Signs You Desperately Need to Detox
By now you’ve likely heard how detoxifying your body can have tremendous health benefits. It’s true. A detox (that works)[...]
7 Outstanding Broccoli Benefits
Health experts have praised the benefits of broccoli for quite some time now, as one of most nutrient-dense vegetables on[...]
5 Ways Organic is Better for Your Body
Organic is an increasingly popular choice for consumers all over the world. In fact, since the 1990s, sales of organic[...]
Golden Spiced Protein Shake
Warm, sweet spices and satisfying protein make this smoothie a wonderful way to start your day or refuel at lunch.[...]
6 Big Health Benefits of Zeolite
Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that can profoundly transform your health. And by no means is that an exaggeration. Mounting[...]
Peaches & Cream Protein Pops
Fresh, sweet peaches are a summertime treat but you can find them frozen year-round to make this creamy, peachy delight.[...]
6 Foods to Send Nitric Oxide Levels Soaring
How many molecules can say their discovery won a Nobel Prize? Mighty nitric oxide can claim this honor. It plays[...]
No Bake Chocolate Protein Bites
These delicious no-bake chocolate bites taste like a brownie treat but are packed with satisfying protein to fuel energy and[...]
The Top 4 Probiotic Types for a Healthy Gut
By now you’ve likely heard how good gut bacteria (microbiota) are essential for a healthy digestive and immune system. Since[...]
6 Foods to Eat for Radiant Skin
Healthy, youthful, radiant skin is something we all want. That’s why there are stores full of skin creams, all claiming[...]
Citrus Berry Breakfast Smoothie
Skip the run-of-the-mill morning juice, and whip up this deliciously healthy breakfast smoothie in just 30 seconds. You’ll get energy[...]
How to Avoid Artificial Dyes in Food
In a world full of colorful foods, it’s hard to avoid artificial dyes. Try going just one day without exposing[...]
5 Mushrooms to Balance the Immune System
Mushrooms are one of the most underestimated foods on the planet. They are nature’s way of recycling, breaking down organic[...]
Red White & Blue Smoothie Bowl
Celebrate superfood goodness in this festive red, white and blue smoothie bowl. As you savor the sweet berry deliciousness, you’ll[...]
7 Surefire Ways to Beat Stress
These days, stress is a fact of life. Work follows you everywhere on your smartphone; expectations seem higher than ever[...]
Are Your Supplements Tainted with GMOs?
If you’re a health-conscious person, you already know that GMO foods can be harmful because they’re contaminated with toxic pesticides.[...]
Acai Raspberry Protein Shake
Build, strengthen and recover in one delicious step with this protein-rich berry delight. This creamy berry shake provides 18g of[...]
Avoid Artificial Food Dyes At All Costs
Artificial dyes are a common industry tactic to make food look more appealing. Kids will reach for rainbow-colored cereal over[...]
Iced Super Green Tea
Refreshingly cool with a hint of natural sweetness, this green juice is a delightful twist on iced tea. While you[...]
7 Plant-Based Foods for Healthy Eyes
Our eyes are one of those things we all take for granted. They allow us to see the beauty in[...]
9 Sneaky Ways Heavy Metals Get Into The Body
From the womb onward, we’re exposed to thousands of toxic substances every day. There are pesticides in the food you[...]
The Health Risks of Gluten-Free
Gluten-free is one of the fastest growing segments in food sales and for good reason. While only a small portion[...]
Why You Need More Vitamin D
Vitamin D deficiency is surprisingly common, even in warm sunny climates. Health experts often call it “the silent epidemic” because[...]
Consistency: The Secret of Successful People
Our entire life is comprised of a series of conscious and unconscious habits that either lead us closer or further[...]
Foods that Naturally Reactivate CoQ10
If you’re one of the millions of people taking a cholesterol-reducing statin drug, you’re also likely to have low levels[...]
Cherry Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Meeting your daily protein goals is now deliciously doable, thanks to 18g of plant protein sourced from organic superfoods. Add[...]
7 Smart Ways to Drink More Water
Drinking enough water is a great way to keep your skin healthy, stay energized throughout the day, and keep your[...]
10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Turmeric
Turmeric is one of those special foods that deserve the status of superfood. This golden spice has undergone a considerable[...]
Plant vs Whey Protein Showdown
Whether you’re a fitness junkie, weekend warrior, or active parent, we all need protein. Amino acids (protein) are the building[...]
Blueberry Body Builder
It’s not only athletes that need to build and repair muscle—we all need the right blend of daily protein for[...]
Drink Tea to Protect Your Brain
No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a tea for your needs. You can drink it hot or iced. And there’s[...]
Building Connections in a Busy World
In a fast-paced and demanding world, people are busier than ever. Between work deadlines, kids’ activities, and family needs—it can[...]
Fruits & Veggies Boost Health in Just 2 Weeks
How many times have you been told you should eat more fruits and veggies? Yet despite all the reminders, as[...]
Spotlight on Touchstone Essentials in Direct Selling News Magazine
The leading publication of the direct sales industry, Direct Selling News magazine, has recognized the growing influence of organic nutrition[...]
5 Signs You’re Dehydrated
Picture a tall glass of icy-cold, refreshing water. Imagine a detailed image of it in your mind’s eye. Does the[...]
Alkalizing Super Smoothie
Get energized, reduce oxidative stress and support sports performance with a deliciously simple smoothie. It only takes about 30 seconds[...]
15 Foods to Always Buy Organic
There’s no doubting the fact that organic food is much healthier than non-organic food, thanks to a combination of higher[...]
How Chlorophyll Protects Cells
We live in a world that’s riddled with cancer-causing toxins. They’re hiding around every corner. Between pesticides, processed food, environmental[...]
3 Steps to Overcoming Self Doubt
Every person has a list of habits and routines they trust themselves to accomplish each day. But when it comes[...]
5 Toxins Hiding in Your Water
While essential for life, your water could be silently destroying your health, one sip at a time. Between industrial dumping[...]
Post Workout Tropical Smoothie
Speed up recovery after your workout with a tasty tropical smoothie packed with muscle-building plant protein. With organic superfoods rich in branched-chain amino acids[...]
Discipline vs Motivation
Mute the motivation speech. Put down the self-help book. The real reason why you’re not getting what you want in[...]
Plant Protein for Longevity
By Dr. Paul Moon DDS, IMD, DHS, DNM When it comes to protein, vegans have it right. Plant proteins provide[...]
5 Surprising Health Benefits of Love
No matter if you’re in a relationship or are single, love is an essential part of a happy and healthy[...]
Banana Latte Power Smoothie
Start the day with a delightfully creamy latte that gives you the fuel to power through your to-do list. Over[...]
A Healthy Gut = A Happy Child
Did you know that we are all super-organisms? We share our bodies with several hundred microbial species and you and[...]
Can Pasteurization Damage Your Health?
If you drink organic milk, eat high amounts of cheese, or consume whey protein regularly, you may want to stop[...]
7 Star Athletes Powered by Plant-Based Protein
Professional athletes require an extraordinary number of calories, protein, and other nutrients to fuel their highly active lifestyle. Among these[...]
Top Superfood Proteins in 1 Delicious Shake
Organic Super Protein is everything you’ve been looking for in a protein shake. You get certified organic, clean, complete plant[...]
Kiwi CBD Coconut Cleanse
Banish the blah’s and start fresh with a delightfully easy and tasty cleanse. Organic greens and CBD Oil combine to[...]
Chocolate Can Make You Smarter and Happier
It’s almost too good to be true. How could something so delicious be packed with a seemingly endless list of[...]
Pomegranate Power Smoothie
This power smoothie is perfect for sharing (makes 2) or you can stash one in the freezer to savor a[...]
How Zeolite Supports Detox
By James T. Reese L. Ac. OMD Any primary health care practitioner knows that when you have a toxic load[...]
3 Easy Steps to an Incredibly Focused Mind
Focus. We all need it to stay productive, to perform demanding tasks, and above all, we need focus to succeed.[...]
The Nutrition Combination You Need
Ever walk into a health food store or go online and get completely overwhelmed by the thousands of supplements available?[...]
The secret to making your website work for you 24/7
All the big brands do it. But if you’re a small online business or you earn from referrals to your[...]
Orange Acai Smoothie Bowl
Deliciously fruity and creamy, this easy-to-make smoothie will keep your taste buds happy and your body healthy. That’s because it’s[...]
How Energy Drinks are Destroying Your Health
When’s the last time you took an energy drink to wake up in the morning or to get through a[...]
Natural Energy and Metabolism Boosters
Some people just have a sluggish metabolism. This means that even when you eat less, you struggle to lose weight.[...]
Could an Unhealthy Gut Cause Chronic Fatigue?
Fatigue can have a devastating effect on our lives. Lacking the energy to get out of bed in the morning;[...]
Dark Chocolate Almond Smoothie
This velvety chocolate smoothie is a real treat that also comes with a trick. Hidden inside are all the healthy[...]
Raspberry Apple Cider Smoothie
Sweet seasonal apples combine with tart berries to make a refreshing and flavorful smoothie you’ll love. And you’ll never guess[...]
Calcium: Good or Bad for the Heart?
A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association finally solves unanswered questions about calcium and heart health.[...]
Clean Food Meets Career Opportunity
The clean food movement is sweeping across the globe as more people demand healthy choices. Here are five reasons why[...]
Super Mango Smoothie Bowl
Break out the spoon because this extra thick smoothie is designed to be savored as a healthy breakfast, lunch or[...]
Achieving Peak Performance
As a competitive athlete I know that there is a science to nutrition for pre-working training and post-workout recovery. While[...]
Chocolate Banana Popsicles
This decadent dark chocolate treat is so rich and creamy you won’t believe it is also non-dairy, full of superfoods,[...]
Understanding the Pain-Nutrition Connection
As a chiropractor in active practice for 25 years I see people of all ages who come in for a[...]
Pineapple Chai Smoothie
Slightly sweet and a touch spicy, this pineapple chai smoothie is full of inflammation-fighting foods. If you ever find yourself[...]
Fuel Your Body Naturally
Popeye was right. Greens are good for you. Organic greens give your body what it needs to alkalize, energize and[...]
Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles
Deliciously refreshing, these strawberry watermelon popsicles are so yummy kids (and grown-ups) will keep asking for more. And with 44[...]
The Personal Trainer’s Guide to Ideal Nutrition
By David DeSisto, Certified Personal Trainer, Author of Forever Fit As a professional personal trainer and gym owner for the[...]
The ONLY Superfood Source for Vitamin D
While vitamin D deficiency is often thought of as a winter problem, it’s actually a year round issue. Even during[...]
Tropical Electrolyte Elixir Recipe
Tantalizingly tropical and full of revitalizing minerals, this tasty smoothie quenches your body’s thirst for hydration making it the perfect[...]
Super Green Lemonade
Cool, refreshing, and cleansing with a hint of citrus zing, this lemonade is the perfect way to energize your day.[...]
Almond Banana Berry Smoothie
Whether you need a workout pick-me-up or a protein boost that powers you through the day, this delicious smoothie has[...]
Supercharge Your Health with Superfoods
Organic superfoods help cleanse your system, reset your metabolism, alkalize your body and unleash your natural energy. Imagine being able[...]
Organic Foods Impact The Body
Ideally, you should always buy organic, but that isn’t always realistic. And you may be wondering: Is organic really worth[...]
The Health Benefits of Mushrooms
Eastern medicine has revered mushrooms for thousands of years. Recently, Western medicine has recognized the healing potential of mushrooms. Most[...]
Dr. Paul Moon on Detoxing
Dr. Paul Moon is a leading voice in the natural healing movement, combining clinical experience with compassionate care that looks[...]
Why “Fat-Free” is Making You Fat
“If we eat fat, we will become fat,” used to be the story. So fat was banished and “fat-free” labels were[...]
The Detox Solution with Dr Alex Lee
We are living in an increasingly toxic world and the long-term consequences to our health can be devastating. These toxins[...]
7 Food Do’s for Good Gut Health
As much as 80% of your immune system is tied to your digestive tract. Not only is gut health good[...]
Health Practitioner Guide to Detox
Watch as renowned Naturopath Lucinda Miller talks about why detoxing is an essential component of health and well-being, and which[...]
Revealed: The Truth about Fish Oil
Is fish oil really the “miracle cure” it’s said to be? Heart protection, stroke prevention and tamping down inflammation are[...]
How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs
One of life’s greatest tragedies is when people fall short of their potential because of self-limiting or imprisoning beliefs. These[...]
14 Tips for Toxin-Free Living
The simple act of living and breathing can expose you to a cocktail of toxins. Building up over time, toxins[...]
Secrets to a 5 Hour Workweek
If your income is not where you want it to be… …or you ARE a high earner, but sacrificing every[...]
The Good Inside with Marc Gitomer
For a limited time you can access the webinar broadcast hosted by Matt Twine featuring Founder & CEO Eddie Stone,[...]
Join The Nutrition Revolution
Why is it that some people look and feel older than their years? Yet others defy the aging clock and[...]
Which Detox Method is Best?
As soon as energy ebbs and weight gain creeps up, thoughts turn to detox. With weight loss, more energy, and[...]
11 Ways to Reduce Toxic Exposure
It’s a fact that the chemicals that make our lives more “convenient” are also contributing to an unprecedented toxic overload.[...]
Are All Zeolites Really Toxic?
I really respect Mike Adams—known as The Health Ranger on Natural News— I’ve been an avid reader of this site[...]
From CEO and Founder Eddie Stone
We don’t typically respond to what’s on the internet; however the recent articles by Mike Adams of Natural News about[...]
A Recipe for Vibrant Health
As a Food for Health Advocate and Holistic Personal Chef, I always keep my eyes and ears open about healthy[...]
I Look and Feel 10 Years Younger!
How did I find myself overweight? As a child I was naturally thin and active, until I became a sedentary,[...]
The Boost I Needed to Lose Weight
I am very cautious about taking any weight loss supplement, but because of the confidence and trust I have in[...]
Lead Exposure and Toxicity
Lead is an insidious environmental toxin that is present in all parts of the environment. Although lead exposure generally occurs[...]
Are you taking the wrong vitamins?
We’ve been told for years that vitamin supplements are a great way to fill in the gaps in our nutrient-deficient[...]
Connie Lamb: My Miraculous Health!
The turning point came as I lay in the hospital. I could see the tears in my eldest daughter’s eyes,[...]
Tommy Turner’s Story: I lost 40 lbs!
I am so excited to have finally found something that works. After years of trying every weight loss program under[...]
Gold Standard for Cellular Health
Based on cutting-edge cellular research, and formulated to exacting standards, Wellspring is the new gold standard for cardiovascular and cellular[...]
Angie’s Story: Easier than I thought!
Now that I see how easy it is to lose weight with Boost Focus Fuel, I wish I could have[...]
Three Years and Thriving
A few months back, Lisa set off to fulfill a life-long dream to visit Antarctica. With a six-month stint planned[...]
Crystal’s Story: If I Can, You Can
I think that if I can do this, anybody can do this. I know we’re all busy. I’m a registered[...]
Jennifer’s Story: Hope in a Bottle
Our son, Matthew, spent the first four and a half months of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit[...]
Janet’s Story: My Transformation
About 12 years ago (thanks to hypothyroidism), I experienced extreme weight gain and went from 135 lbs. to over 190[...]
Your Super Bowl Snacking Guide
It’s likely you, along with over 100 million others, will be tuning in to Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe you have[...]
The Detox Pros and Cons
As soon as the New Year rings in, many thoughts turn to detox. Who doesn’t want to do away with[...]
Giving Warmth and Hope to Children
When is a coat more than a coat? To children in our local communities, getting a new coat for wintertime[...]
Anna Rodgers: Our Toxic World
With over 80,000 chemicals found in the air, food, water and personal care products we use every day, there’s no[...]
People are Raving. Read the Reviews!
When you get the good inside, your cells respond. Free of environmental toxins and nourished by plant-based phytonutrients, your cells[...]
Supplement Users Smart & Healthy
A recent annual survey on consumers’ use of nutritional supplements reveals that supplement users are smarter and healthier. Smart Consumers[...]
The Surprising Way Driving Harms Your Heart
Ah, the dreaded morning and evening commute. Sometimes you can’t see traffic coming until it’s too late, and then you’re[...]
One Veteran’s Health and Pure Body
Ever since my year-long deployment to Afghanistan 2 years ago, I have been suffering from chronic fatigue, restless sleep, feeling[...]
Why Most Multivitamins Are Toxic
In episode #11 (season 2) of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a woman poisons her husband with the chemical sodium selenite. Strange as[...]
The Gift of Better Health – Priceless!
With Touchstone, I have been given the gift of better health. Looking back, I feel like I was living under[...]
Alaina’s Health is Everything to Me!
This is Alaina, my beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Throughout her young life, she’s never really known what healthy feels like and[...]
How Pure Body Led to Pure Vision!
For years I’ve had big issues with my eyes, to the point that driving at night “safely” was no longer[...]
The Human Side of Residual Income
Most of us start out in network marketing working a full-time day job and setting aside some part-time hours to[...]
No Fish Tale: Plant Oils are Pure EFAs
Millions have turned to “purified” fish oil in search of the benefits of fish and omega-3s. However, the refinement process[...]
I Can See Clearly Now, No Toxins!
A fascinating website caught my eye about a supplement and detox line that is from organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) farms,[...]
Arsenic & Influenza, the Connection
Environmental Health News highlights research showing new potential dangers from arsenic exposure in food and water. This article provides further[...]
Turmeric Extract and Type 2 Diabetes
A remarkable human clinical study published in the journal Diabetes Care, the journal of the American Diabetes Association, revealed that[...]
Nutritional Guide for Cellular Health
Why is it that some people live long healthy lives well into their 90s while others seem to look and[...]
Pure Body has Changed My Life!
I am a former Department of Defense Overseas Schools Educator and served 3 tours in the Far East and 1[...]
Body and Health Transformations!
While the players on the WNBA Chicago Sky team are lean, performance-driven athletes, the corporate staff of the team came[...]
I’m No Longer Feeling My Age!
I am 61 years ‘young’ thanks to Touchstone Essentials, and in particular Pure Body. Before Touchstone Essentials, I thought my[...]
Detoxing Restored My Health
Throughout my life, I’ve had many health complications such as urinary tract infections, aura migraines, and seizures, which were treated[...]
The 10 Worst Toxins in Supplements
Many people don't investigate what's really in the products they swallow. When something is sold as an herb, vitamin, superfood[...]
Healthy Means Strong Bones
I was just at the dentist for my routine 6 month cleaning. Since I had not had dental x-rays for[...]
6 Tips for Buying Supplements
Not all vitamins and dietary supplements are the same. Many popular supplement brands, in fact, contain artificial additives, synthetic flow[...]
The Superfruit You Should Eat Daily
They don’t come from exotic lands, remote mountaintops or lush rainforests. Yet these small, delicious berries are packed with a[...]
Dangers of Synthetic Beta Carotene
The vast majority of multivitamin and nutritional supplements are filled with synthetic or isolated fragments of vitamins, and this is[...]
BPA-free Products Still Toxic
Products labeled "BPA free" may be just as toxic as those made with the increasingly shunned original chemical, according to[...]
Touchstone Grows Next Generation
Shaw University is in Eddie Stone’s line of vision. Every day, this Founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials, drives through[...]
The Rise of a New Chronic Condition
Global health networks are buzzing with a term used to describe a rising chronic condition that has become more prevalent[...]
Zeolites and Low-level Radiation Exposure
As time goes by, the images of Fukushima gradually fade. Yet the potential effects of this nuclear disaster increase each[...]
Dentist Surprised at Healing Rate
On the night of October 25th I tripped on a box in my office and fell with my mouth—front teeth—landing[...]
Omega-3’s Retain Telomeres & More
Despite a continual assault on the health benefits of omega-3 fat supplementation by the mainstream media and Big Pharma drug[...]
Lauren Jones: Pure Body helps pets!
An active teenager, Lauren Jones loves life and all that it brings, including looking after her pet hamster Gus-Gus. A[...]
Camille Hita: Better Gut Health
An active working mom, Camille Hita needed energy to get her through the day, so she reached for nutritional supplements to[...]
Steven Made Eye Contact with Us!
“Our son Steven is a 15-year-old boy with severe autism, and with Pure Body we have observed increased calmness in[...]
“Whole” New Look & Lease on Life!
After a decade of battling acne over my face, I have to say, I am noticing a smoothness coming back[...]
Dr. Hestdalen: Broken Food Supply
In today's industrial-farming world, is our food providing the nutrition we need for optimal wellness? Dr. Darrel Hestdalen shows us[...]
It’s Essential to Fight Free Radicals
Produced as a normal part of your body’s metabolism, some free radicals are essential for dealing with viruses and bacteria.[...]
Make Choices that Lead to Success!
Recently, I was reading the book “Seven Choices for Success and Significance” by Dr. Nido Qubein. A highly successful entrepreneur[...]
Get More Energy with Less Caffeine
An energy product without caffeine? Dr. Jason Reynolds of Body Dynamix Chiropractic in Orange County, California explains how coffee and[...]
5 Problems with Your Supplements
Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, was an early pioneer on the necessity of vitamins and minerals for optimal[...]
7 Steps to an International Business
In today’s world, starting a home-based business has never been easier or more needed. Broadening your economic horizons is a[...]
No More Headaches for McKinley!
Imagine trying to play softball with a headache! Or, how would you feel having to finish up your homework while[...]
Is Now the Time to Hire Yourself?
With companies slow to hire, and high-paying jobs harder to come by, Kathleen Deoul—entrepreneur, million-dollar business owner, and author—shares why[...]
Face Paint Reaction? Got Zeolite?
Mime Laura Bertin speaks out about a painful reaction to getting her face painted, with before and after photos that show[...]
From Healthy to Healthier!
A yoga teacher and an advocate of a raw food diet, Helen Hooper shares her surprising results after introducing liquid[...]
Kick Your Energy Drink Habit Today!
Do you load up on energy drinks to charge through the day? A self-described energy-drink addict, Paul Cashmore shares his[...]
Veronica Yates is Back on Her Feet!
Eight years following surgery complications, Veronica Yates shares how she starting feeling the good inside after just four months on[...]
Detox Yourself to Maximize Energy
Next to air, it’s your body’s most critical resource. Don’t get enough in even a short period of time and[...]
Our Business, Your Opportunity
Like most people, my introduction to direct selling happened by accident. Years ago, my wife Maria had a flat tire[...]
Profound Growth Opportunity
"Touchstone Essentials is at the forefront of a shift from chemical-based supplements to food-based supplements. It’s like being a part of Microsoft or Apple right in the beginning, and for those involved, the growth implications are profound."
I’m Looking Forward to a Long Life
Before, Carolyn Trovao told us how good she was feeling in her recovery after starting whole-food supplements. Now, she shares[...]
Energy on the Up-and-Up
Tired of energy boosts that lift you up for a couple of hours only to bring you crashing down? Get[...]
A Green Recipe for Better Health
Mom always told you to eat your greens, but did she ever say why? (To be like Popeye doesn’t count.)[...]
What is in Your Supplements?
Most vitamin supplements are made from chemicals, and come from foreign lands like China. Ours come from farm-fresh fruits and veggies[...]
Lorraine Boyden has Visible Results!
“When it comes to supplements, I’ve always taken something because I knew I needed it, even though I didn’t always[...]
Why I Thrive on Helping Others
"From the artsy, creative, easy-to-navigate, website to the farm-fresh, whole food products plus an incredible business plan, it’s pretty effortless. It’s actually fun! By empowering..."
Detoxing Changed My Life!
“After taking the Pure Body zeolite product, I feel like I’ve finally got my life back! I want to thank[...]
Spotlight on Debra Lynn Dadd
Debra Lynn Dadd is truly “The Queen of Green,” according to The New York Times. The Boston Globe hails her[...]
Peggy is Back on Her Feet Finally!
“I spend my summers every year on my beautiful Canadian island. Around five years ago I slipped on an oil slick,[...]
The Superheroes of Digestion & Life
Enzymes: The Superheroes of Digestion and Life Enzymes are critical for more than just digestion; your life depends on them.[...]
Nutrition Can Affect Your Golf Game
“I am almost speechless in my attempt to convey my gratitude and appreciation. Thanks to Suzanne Stavert and Touchstone Essentials,[...]
Penny Gillespie Shares Her Story
Top enroller, Penny Gillespie, shares her Touchstone Essentials story. "My main focus in life is about making a positive difference[...]
Starting a Family? Read This
As a midwife and women’s health practitioner for over 30 years, my mission was to help mothers deliver healthy babies.[...]
Todd Smith: Little Things Matter
Touchstone Essentials founder and owner Eddie Stone sits down with Todd Smith to discuss what it takes to be successful[...]
Caffeine Free Energy? Think Green
Caffeine-laden energy drinks are taking their toll, but green energy alternatives prove to be healthy, effective and caffeine free. In[...]
Detoxing Gave Me Back My Life!
“I have worked in industrial settings for nearly 30 years. I have been exposed to various environmental toxins more than[...]
Food, Supplements and Your Health
In theory, our food should provide all of the nutrients and energy we need to function at our peak potential.[...]
Jamie Fangman on Feeling Better
“At 60 years of age, I have a widespread, severe degenerative joint condition. In addition to the usual joint pain,[...]
How to Spot Ammonia in Your Food
Consumers were recently shocked to discover that hamburgers (and ground beef) often contained ammonia-treated beef trimmings, in what soon became[...]
The 3 Ways Zeolites Take Out Toxins
With over 300 studies on the beneficial properties of the zeolite clinoptilolite, this mineral has gained increasing renown for its[...]
Dr. Lee on Toxins and Your Health
Doctors know the cumulative effects of pollutants, toxins, heavy metals and other carcinogens can have a devastating effect on our[...]
The Pros and Cons of Raw Food
Raw Food: Good for Enzymes, Hard to Digest! Maintaining a strict raw food diet may be the most effective way to[...]
What’s in Your D? Vitamin D2 vs. D3
Which Vitamin D is better for your body? Vitamin D3 extracted from Lamb’s wool or Vitamin D2 sourced from Organic[...]
Size Matters (Regarding Zeolites)
Size matters, and when it comes to zeolites and detoxification, go small. Our bodies store toxins in the fatty tissues[...]
From the Desk of Eddie Stone
Dear Members, After a lifetime spent in the nutritional supplement industry, it was almost a year ago that I embarked[...]
Vicki Latham Shares Her Story
A lifelong advocate for women’s health, Vicki Latham recently began sharing the good inside, and discovered how harnessing the abundance[...]
Marilyn J. Newbould – Her Story
Marilyn J. Newbould recently started with a new line of whole food supplements, today, she shares her personal experience of how these products[...]
Your Best Defense Against Cancer?
Broccoli is rapidly coming to the forefront of clinical research as possessing potent anti-cancer properties. Seems like Mom had it[...]
Detoxing? Zeolite to the Rescue!
Detoxing on a cellular level takes more than just a fancy tea or foot soak; that’s where zeolite Clinoptilolite comes[...]
Scientific Review: Pure Body
At Touchstone, we believe trust is earned, and one of the ways we seek to earn the trust of our[...]
Clinoptilolite Zeolite: White Paper
The White Paper explores the history of zeolite and its beneficial properties that facilitate the removal of heavy metals and[...]
What’s REALLY in Your Vitamins?
An estimated 150 million Americans take supplements, mostly in the form of a multivitamin. Supplements are even touted as a[...]
The Good Inside
Discover the good inside Touchstone Essentials with a 2-minute movie that has been watched nearly 500,000 times around the world.[...]
6 Surefire Signs You Need Detox
Detoxification, cleansing, toxins, these words seem to be creeping into the mainstream conversation more and more lately, but with little[...]