Red White and Blue Smoothie Bowl


Celebrate superfood goodness in this festive red, white and blue smoothie bowl. As you savor the sweet berry deliciousness, you’ll also power up with satisfying proteins that crush cravings and keep you energized all day. It’s a perfect healthy fix for breakfast or lunch.

Red, White & Blue Smoothie Bowl

1 cup (8 oz.) of your favorite nut milk
½ banana (can be sliced and frozen)
¼ cup organic steel cut oats
1 cup sliced organic frozen strawberries
2 scoops Organic Super Protein


2 or 3 sliced organic strawberries
Handful of organic blueberries
Shredded organic coconut


Blend all ingredients until smooth. Add or reduce the nut milk to your thickness preference. Pour in bowl, add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

The Good Inside

Nut milk is a non-dairy way to add creaminess to the shake, while banana makes it extra thick and replenishes essential electrolytes.

Steel cut oats are full of filling fiber (5g per ¼ cup) and have a lower glycemic index than rolled oats, which means they are slower to digest and won’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Strawberries and blueberries provide an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals. They also provide a boost for brain health. One study by Harvard researchers found those eating strawberries and blueberries delayed the onset of cognitive decline by up to 2.5 years! (Source)

Two scoops of Organic Super Protein provide 18g of vegan plant protein sourced from organic superfoods, energizing MCTs that satisfy cravings, and organic omegas to support heart health.

Make the red, white and blue smoothie as a breakfast bowl to start your day on the right nutritional track. Not only is this deliciously creamy smoothie bowl a celebration for the taste buds, it also delivers the high-quality plant proteins your body needs.


Recipe by Jen Hulett. Touchstone Essentials’ Chief Creative Officer takes her creativity into the kitchen to create tasty recipes full of goodness.

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