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Quiz Lead Generator

Everyone loves to take quizzes. "What's Your Stress Animal Soulmate?" lets people self-assess their everyday stress level in a fun way. Once they take the quiz, they can opt in to get their results emailed (along with stress-busting tips).  They can also share their results on social media.

Here's how to share the quiz so that people will link back to your e-commerce site for any purchases...

1. Share your site URL

Sending an email or text to someone? Simply share your website URL (shown here) with the link to the quiz page and share it everywhere.

[Don’t forget to make sure it is your unique website name before sharing.]


2. Share from the Quiz Page

Or, you can simply copy and paste the URL from the quiz page. Visit the page, highlight the menu bar and then copy & paste the link as needed.

[Click Here] to go to the quiz page.

3. Use Social Share Buttons

Or, share to your social media accounts directly from the quiz page. Visit the page, select from the social media share buttons on the left, add a comment and post to your feed.

[Click Here] to go to the quiz page.

For more ways to share the good inside, including printable product sheets, smoothie recipe e-books, posters and more, visit the “Resources” tab in your back office.