Your Super Bowl Snacking Guide


It’s likely you, along with over 100 million others, will be tuning in to Super Bowl Sunday.

Maybe you have a team in the game. Or you just want to want savor every last snap before the long drought between the big game and pre-season. Or maybe you simply want to watch the commercials (after all, who doesn’t love puppies?).

Whatever the outcome of the game, you’ll need a survival guide to get through the game day gluttony that is synonymous with the Super Bowl.

Whatt's Your Game Plan?
According to the USDA, this day has the dubious honor of being the second highest in food consumption in the country. And while the number one day (Thanksgiving) has the redeeming quality of including some healthy fare—Super Bowl Sunday is a full-on snack attack.

Chicken wings doused in buffalo sauce. Beer and more beer. Fried potato chips. Salty pretzels with cheese-like substance. Pizza oozing with preserved meats and melted cheese.

Is it any wonder that people end up with bloating, indigestion, heartburn, instant weight gain and worse? The numbers tell a scary story.

Scary Snacking Stats for Super Bowl Sunday
Overflowing platters, super-sized bags of chips, and bottomless coolers add up to some scary snacking numbers on game day.

Super Bowl Snacking Revealed
Sources: Calorie Control Council, National Chicken Council, Hilton Head Health Institute, Dominos

Don’t despair about buttoning your pants on Monday just yet. There ARE steps you can take to minimize the damage to your waistline and still savor some snacks.

How To Avoid A Food Hangover
You can avoid the general misery that is a “food hangover” on the Monday after the Super Bowl by adopting one or more of these survival strategies for game day.

Power Up With Protein

Don’t make the mistake of not eating all day before snacking begins. When you’re hungry you’ll just eat more of the bad stuff. Eat a healthy protein beforehand to satisfy your appetite. Avocados, a handful of almonds, and greek yogurt are all healthy choices.

Drink More Water

If you’re having beer, alternate a glass of water between each beer to minimize calories. Also drink more water before starting to snack, it will help to make you feel full and keep you hydrated.

Reach For Veggies

Serve up a healthy veggie platter to help balance out a snack buffet. Raw veggies are low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber, helping to keep you feeling full, and delivering digestive enzymes that are good for your gut.

Use a Small Plate

Researchers found that a small plate made study participants feel fuller and more satisfied. A full (small) plate tricks the brain into thinking you’ve eaten more. Think small!

Even with snacking strategies, it’s hard not to overindulge. Maybe that’s why the day after the Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year to decide to go on a diet.

Pick A Program That's Right For You
Which post-game diet will work for you? Almost any weight loss program can work, if you’re prepared to pay the price. Usually it’s a price measured in how much pain you’re prepared to put up with: hunger, horrible processed “diet” foods or other humiliations.

Forget about point systems, or tiny portions of diet food. Instead, look for a solution that makes it easier to make healthy choices by targeting three key areas for successful weight loss.

3 Factor for Weight Loss Success

Get Your Metabolism Moving

While all weight loss is based on the premise of fewer calories in, one of the reasons most diets fail is they don’t account for the fact that your metabolism may have slowed—due to age or lifestyle—so you burn calories at a slower rate. Look for a natural weight loss supplement that gets your metabolism moving.

Appetite Control

When you cut back on favorite foods you still have cravings, and are hungry (or even hangry). Look for a supplement with extracts such as Arabica Coffee Beans and Cocoa Powder that support sharper focus and may help curb cravings.

Fuel Your Energy

Exercise burns calories, releases endorphins (so you feel good) and changes your shape from flab to firm. Look for a supplement with Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen herb renowned for its ability to fuel endurance and performance.

We recommend Boost Focus Fuel (learn more) to make it easier to drop pounds and inches. It’s filled with plant-based extracts that help get your metabolism moving, sharpen focus, curb cravings and take your workouts to the next level. It’s simple and easy to use. Just one or two capsules a day can make it easier to make healthier lifestyle choices.

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