6 Business Must-Haves for Online Success


Back in the early days of the internet, you didn’t need an effective digital marketing strategy. The internet was still young, and people actually LIKED getting emails. They’d eagerly open every email and read the entire thing. Cue to today, and your promotional or follow up email is six feet under in their inbox, never to be found.

Since our economy is now online, having an effective digital marketing strategy is a must for every business, and especially for pioneering entrepreneurs.

So, what is an entrepreneur in today’s world? Simply put, it means you are working for YOU. Whether it’s a side gig or full-time business, being an entrepreneur is having the hustle and drive to invest in your future.

Our entrepreneurial nation is filled with hair stylists, uber drivers, health coaches, marketers, massage therapists, and everyone in-between.

To succeed in today’s digital environment, you need six elements for a successful online strategy. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these covered (we do, and it’s free).

1. A Killer Website

The first question people may ask about your business is, “what is your website.” The reality is that a website has become the de facto business card of today. Instead of handing out a card, you share a URL.

Because your website is how your business is judged, it had better look good with professional images; load fast on both desktop and mobile devices; and be filled with easy to navigate content.

And since over 50% of all web searches and site visits are now done on mobile, having a mobile responsive site is critical.

If you partner with a brand, then that site should also be lead protected (cookies) so you get full credit for all referrals.

2. Give Valuable Content

Unless your website is Amazon, most people don’t go there to buy, at least not at first. Up to 98% of all first-time visitors leave without making a purchase.

The fact is that most people need multiple “exposures” to a product or brand before making a buying decision. And that decision is founded on trust.

Valuable content in the form of useful blog articles, downloadable reports, or recipe books helps to build a trusted relationship with readers. It also helps if you have content from outside experts that support your point of view.

When people trust that you care they’re also more likely to buy from you.

3. Automatic Social Media Advertising

Once people have visited your site, and checked out your valuable content, the next step is to make sure you are retargeting them on social media. This shows an ad on Facebook only to those who have been on your website.

It’s limited in reach, making it more cost effective, yet it has higher conversion rates than regular ads because the offer is only shown to the right people.

Getting retargeting set up involves some technical know-how on your site and Facebook. Alternatively, when you partner with a brand, make sure they provide retargeting as part of their strategy (we do).

4. Permission-Based Email

Spam isn’t just a questionable meat product, it refers to any unrequested email that lands in someone’s inbox.

Your success strategy here is to get people to want your emails. This is easily accomplished when you show you freely provide valuable content (see # 2).

Having sign up forms on your website or blog posts will soon have you building a list of interested and enthusiastic readers of your email.

Follow through by only communicating as much as you said you would, and making those emails interesting and readable.

5. Show Real, Verified Reviews

If real estate is all about location, location, location then when it comes to online success it is reviews, reviews, reviews.

People trust what other people say. Reviews from verified buyers of the product are more believable, and show real-world benefits of the product.

Reviews should be on both the product page, and on a dedicated reviews page of the site, such as we do here. Another way to do this is to spotlight in-depth reviews with a featured story.

6. Optimized e-commerce

As people make their way through the digital strategy blueprint, some will become customers and even advocates for your business.

Make sure your e-commerce store provides a great UX (user experience) that is mobile friendly, minimizes abandoned carts, allows for coupons or promotions, and is simple and easy to do.

If you run a business, implement as many of these components as possible to maximize success. If you are your own business (independent contractor) then the best way to get all of these benefits is to partner with a bigger brand.

That’s the business model for The Good Inside with Touchstone Essentials. When people partner with us, we provide everything outlined here with a free website for every Member. All products purchased through referrals are rewarded with a generous referral bonus, and the ability to earn long-term passive income. Plus, you get all the digital strategies you need to succeed.

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