The secret to making your website work for you 24/7


All the big brands do it. But if you’re a small online business or you earn from referrals to your website, this marketing technology has likely been out of reach. Until now. With Touchstone Essentials, you get it free.

It’s The Secret Strategy Big Brands Use

It happens every day. You go online and visit a site for sports gear or shoes. But you don’t buy anything. Later on, you check in to Facebook to see what’s happening. And there it is, right in your newsfeed…

…it’s an ad from the very brand you were browsing before.

This ad image might highlight a popular product, or offer you a discount. Or just remind you about that product you wanted.

This is called remarketing (or retargeting) and it’s the biggest success story in online selling. That’s because previous visitors to a site are far more likely to buy than cold (new) traffic.

It’s also a win for online marketers because they only pay for advertising to a targeted group of people who already visited the website. This makes advertising much more cost effective. And it reaches people 24/7.

Now before you think this sounds too technical and hard to do for your small online business, just wait. Because we’re going to show you how Touchstone Essentials does this FOR all our Members, absolutely free.

First, we do all the technical stuff

The number one reason why people don’t do retargeting is programming.

If the thought of installing snippets of code on your site makes you break into a sweat, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Every one of our Members gets their own turnkey TheGoodInside website (at no cost) and we do all the coding to make remarketing a reality on your site. You can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The first time someone visits your TheGoodInside site, our code goes to work and then ads are shown on that person’s newsfeed in Facebook.

These ads go back to your website, so you get all the credit for referrals.

Second, we provide all the advertising

The second reason people don’t do remarketing is the cost.

It takes graphic designers to make ads, copy writers to write ads, analysts to determine ad audiences and money to pay for the ad to run.

When your business is just you; that can seem like a lot.

For your TheGoodInside website, we design and write the ads, load them into Facebook and pay for the advertising. Done and done.

Now you might be wondering WHY we provide all of this to our Members at no cost. Well, it goes back to our mission.

We want healthy, organic goodness accessible and affordable to everyone. But we can’t do it by ourselves. We rely on word-of-mouth marketing (via Members) and think it is only right to reward those who grow with us.

So when Members send people to our site, we recognize who sent them our way, and provide remarketing advertising to all those web visitors.

Now if you still think you can get by without remarketing, here are 3 reasons to make you reconsider:
1. You are losing a LOT of web traffic

Up to 98% of all new visitors to a website leave without making a purchase. It’s nothing against your site; it’s just that most people need multiple exposures before buying.

2. Social media is where your future customers are

Your business needs to be where people are. The dominant social media site is Facebook, with global active users of well over 1.5 billion. Monthly. And they are on there at all hours of the day and night. With remarketing, your warm traffic becomes hot traffic.

3. You can make Facebook fun again

If you’re a direct marketer, of course you should mention your business with testimonials, a promotion or favorite product. But you don’t want to become “that” person who floods their friends’ newsfeed with non-stop links and posts. They will unfollow you. Remarketing shows a beautifully designed, relevant ad only to those who have been to your site. It works for you.

Finally, you can free up your time. Don’t spend hours following up with every person you’ve sent a web link. Simply send them to your site, and our automatic advertising follows up. We stay top of mind so that when they’re ready, they’ll link right back to your site.

Retargeting is a powerful marketing tool and with Touchstone Essentials it is available to all our Members, absolutely free.

Everyone deserves the good inside and our investment in remarketing is just one of the many ways we support your success. Join now to partner with us and reach your full potential.

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