In the News: Touchstone Essentials Gains National Recognition


In the News: Touchstone Essentials Gains National Recognition

Natural detox and wellness company Touchstone Essentials is on a mission to touch lives with goodness. Forged in 2012 on a foundation of making clean, organic products accessible to more people, the brand has been growing in leaps and bounds. Now, leading publication Direct Selling News magazine is recognizing Touchstone Essentials for its innovative leadership in the wellness space, spotlighting the many ways the company is ahead of the curve.

The Growing Gig Economy

Direct sales companies represent a significant sector of the economy, with upwards of $40 billion in sales in the United States in 2022 (1). Direct sales is part of the larger gig economy, where people participate in freelance work that provides flexibility and time freedom while generating an income. 

The gig economy has grown rapidly, with research showing that in 2022, as many as 39% of the American workforce did some level of gig work, from Uber to Upwork (2). With such high adoption rates for gig work, the direct sales industry is aiming to showcase its advantages in this arena to a much wider audience.

While traditional direct sales may evoke images of in-home parties and door-to-door sales, the channel has been transformed in recent years by the rise of social media, the emergence of influencer marketing, and a focus on cutting-edge e-commerce. Companies that act on these trends are positioned for a greater market share in the gig economy.

In its March 2024 issue, Direct Selling News magazine recognizes Touchstone Essentials’ innovative strategies in staying one step ahead, setting the company up for continued growth and success across every channel.

Products Rooted in Pure Goodness

In looking at Touchstone Essentials, Direct Selling News magazine highlighted several ways the company stands out from the crowd, starting with its organic and all-natural wellness selections.

Zeolite Detox Pack and Customer Images

Using certified organic and clean ingredients has been baked into the company’s DNA from the beginning. Since Touchstone Essentials began in 2012, interest in organic has grown each year as consumers seek out nutritious food that is free of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs.

The Organic Trade Association reported that organic sales reached a record $67 billion in 2022 (3). And research shows the market for organic continues to expand, with 82% of US households buying some organic (4). 

Touchstone Essentials’ founder, Eddie Stone, recognized that people didn’t just need access to organic food, they also needed organic supplements. Too many dietary supplements on the market were made from synthetic, isolated chemical compounds lacking in nutritional value. 

Touchstone Essentials committed to using organic fruits, veggies, and herbs without any artificial ingredients, a practice it proudly continues to this day. Direct Selling News noted, “This commitment to transparency and purity sets the company apart in a busy health and wellness space and has proven to be another example of the team’s forward thinking.” 

Touchstone Essentials has also been ahead of the curve in recognizing the rising challenge of toxins in today’s world. With heavy metals and other chemicals in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe, toxicity is an inevitable burden that impacts people of all ages. The company’s natural zeolite detox offers an easy, effective way to detox the body every day.

Easy Access to Innovative E-Commerce

Direct sales companies market directly to consumers, and also provide an affiliate model so that people can share the products they love and be rewarded on every referral. This has advantages over other gigs since someone can repeatedly earn on reorders for the lifetime of their customers.

In the article, Direct Selling News recognized that Touchstone Essentials has been a leader in delivering innovations in e-commerce to its advocates, with a fully integrated digital marketing system that is designed to optimize converting customers into loyal fans. It’s a system that works, as evidenced by the tens of thousands of 5-star verified reviews on the website.

Direct Selling News noted, “The company’s seamless digital marketing system makes building a business simple for its distributors, by driving consumer sales that lead to sustainable growth.”

Touchstone Essentials One-Click Marketing Machine

Touchstone Essentials refers to this seamless system as its
one-click marketing machine, because one visit to their site kicks off its integrated digital marketing system, all at no cost to their affiliates. 

The one-click marketing machine connects optimized content, email marketing, social media, advertising, promotions and more into one cohesive system that works automatically. This seamless system means that people can easily tap into the benefits of advanced e-commerce simply by directing people to their free site. 

Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Direct Selling News notes that the company is attuned to the ever-changing markets in part due to maintaining a start-up mindset. “These types of initiatives are second nature to the Touchstone Essentials team—because while the company launched in 2012, they’ve functioned more like a startup than a business with more than a decade of success under its belt.” 

By staying true to its values, and consistently applying best practices, Touchstone Essentials has been able to innovate and adapt to whatever changes happen within the direct sales or e-commerce channel. It’s an approach that has guided the company to record sales, and is positioning it for lasting success.

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